Edge Security for Cisco Routers

Recorded November 10th, 2022

Presenter: Jason Bomar

In November we will cover several tips, tricks and recommendations for edge security. We will focus on routers in this installment – what features can we turn on and configure and why would we want to and what are the ramifications of doing so.

Our speaker for this presentation is Jason Bomar, he has been involved with SCCUG since the beginning in 1999 and he will be going through about ten key features you can consider turning on, as well as the use case for why.

As always, these sessions are meant as a discussion, not a lecture – so please bring your own ideas and share them!

Webinar Link: https://lanet.webex.com/join/jbomar

SCCUG.net November 2022 Webinar "Edge Security for Cisco Routers"

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